An organizational model developed for High Fashion and Luxury


People are our most precious asset


Scientifically-proven quality


Thousands of chains and fashion accessories


Production and finishing of chains and fashion accessories


A code characterizing
every company choice and action

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Our Catalogue The synthesis of our history

Our catalogue of models and collections tells our story and the story of the accessories we have created for the world of fashion. A long journey into the heart of the trends, style and inspirations that have marked the production of the most important fashion brands with which we have always collaborated.

CDC Luxury catena argento su marmo

A family business with a global vision

Ethics, internal organization and valorisation of people

Research and product development not only production. This is our signature and the key element that has allowed us to become a real partner for fashion brands and luxury brands, Italian and foreign.



A production site organized on several production lines in order to minimize the time of storage of the items.


Galvanic and finishes with an internal division dedicated to these processes and to guarantee customers the entire processing cycle of ornamental chains.


An internal division that deals with product research, to offer innovative solutions to style offices, so that even the chain becomes a true creative element.

Analysis Laboratory

The internal laboratory that deals with analysis tests and tests on metal accessories and surface treatments. With a specialized team and entirely dedicated to the tests required by protocol.

Green Thinking

By Green Thinking we mean a new approach to our Business Model. A philosophy that sees sustainability and safety as two key elements of the business itself, not two marketing factors but integral parts of our production and corporate model. Talking about Green Thinking means, literally, thinking sustainably and making sure that every process and every proposed solution is ecological, as well as efficient and compliant with the quality standards demanded by the luxury and high fashion market.


Stories and stories of people who are a source of inspiration for our work and collections.

Real places but with something more than the real. Cities and territories that stimulate the imagination and are linked to our creativity.

The soul of our products, their genesis, the technical or creative aspects that characterize them. In the form of stories to read in one go.