Global vision and craft skills

An Italian story:
courage, ideas, vision and determination

The story of C.D.C. is the story of a project born around the craft skills of people. And the desire to enhance them through a global vision, based on the constant search for innovation and quality applied to the fashion industry.

The origins

The desire to make fashion accessories a real creative tool in the hands of fashion designers and brands. Overcoming the limits of matter and form.

C.D.C. is born from a vision that aims to propose itself in the supply chain of fashion and luxury with a new approach, capable of enhancing the craftsmanship skills through a scrupulous organization and a global vision. From this mix comes the fulcrum of the company philosophy that is proposed, immediately, as a partner of fashion brands and begins to develop solutions on a project and at the request of designers. The in-house artisanal skills allow C.D.C. to offer creative solutions to specific requests of fashion brands, while offering certain guarantees on delivery times and the required quality standards.
An approach that combines flexibility and deep knowledge of materials and workmanship to the organization of internal flows, giving rise to a working method that offers effective answers in a certain time.
The core business of the company, since its origins, is linked to the mechanical production of ornamental chains in non-precious metals.

The growth

Internal organization and investment in technology mark a new stage of development.
From supplier to real partner of the Fashion Houses.

After the first years the investments in technology allow to further improve the performance of the mechanical production lines of the chains.
In 2014 the company obtained the ISO 14001 certification, after a path, which is still in place, to make the entire production phase even more sustainable from an environmental point of view.
Today C.D.C. can count on a database with thousands of projects and a series of own models, developed to respond to a growing demand for differentiation and customization.
Over time, in addition to the production phase, C.D.C. has added to its services also the finishing phase, with the internal galvanic process and a laboratory that deals with different types of tests.
A real specialized center of the ornamental chain that today is constantly also engaged in research and development, is present with two locations in Italy and with offices in Paris and New York.
And, above all, it is a specialized partner for the most important brands in the Fashion & Luxury sector.

The Philosophy


The basic spirit that animates every business choice is based on a clear concept: only the best for the customer. This means that the company produces only according to a detailed analysis of the real needs of the customer. Not production at any cost but only production functional to the demands and expectations of fashion brands.

This choice results in a production dynamic that takes into account quality standards, monitors and analyzes the results achieved on each chain, seeking the maximum performance in terms of durability and level of finishes.

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Green Thinking

We called it Green Thinking because the approach to sustainability must be first of all a change of mentality. For us, sustainable thinking means considering respect for the environment as a key aspect of every business or production choice

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Product search is the real engine that allows a company to evolve. We did not want to be and we are not only producers of ornamental chains for fashion but we have also been involved, for years now, in stylistic research and design.

CDC Luxury Company

CDC Model

A workflow developed over the years that takes into account all the phases: from the arrival of the order to the delivery to the customer

With Model C.D.C. we want to identify a way of working that we have studied, tested and modified over time to ensure maximum control over quality and production times. If we designed this model it would be a circular path that begins from the arrival of the order and ends with the delivery of the finished products, always passing by mandatory steps that ensure a global monitoring of each stage of processing, from intellectual and design to production and quality testing.

CDC Luxury is:



Certifications are one of the guarantees that we can offer to our customers, as well as our history and the level of our customer portfolio. It is no coincidence that we have always invested in aligning our processes with the best quality and efficiency standards set by international certification bodies.


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