Safety and Environmental sustainability

The cornerstones of a business philosophy that is also, and above all, inspired by these two aspects

Our approach to sustainability is based on an overall vision that aims to make respect for the environment a key element in every phase of our business: from the choice of energy sources to the packaging phase.

Green Thinking

Green Thinking is a key concept that has changed our internal organization and development strategies.

Produce wealth, create good employment and minimize the impact on the environment. These are the three goals of our activity.
That’s why we talk about Green Thinking, because sustainability is no longer a side aspect of our business but influences every business choice and will have to do so in the years to come.

Not a philosophical concept but a firm point, as important as product research, quality control or production optimization. In this sense, we intend to characterize our future, both in the proposal of safe and sustainable materials and treatments, and in the overall rethinking of the management and feeding of our production plant and the finishing lines of accessories.

Take care of the Earth and Earth will take care of you

Sustainability is a key concept that is part of our business model. Not a simple word but an element that influences every productive choice or development of our company

The Actions

Here are all the initiatives we have started in the company to make our processes safer and more sustainable.

Sustainability and security as growth and innovation drivers

The company values that see people at the center, is combined with the ever-present attention of C.D.C. to the continuous search for solutions aimed at ensuring the safety of staff, the products and processes used and to minimise the environmental impact of the business.

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Sharing and safety of people

The first aspect of the concept of sustainability that we promote in the company is linked to the employees. Workloads and the operating process must be shared and secure. Shared to foster awareness of the importance of the activities of each collaborator. Safe because people are the most precious asset of a company and as such they must be able to work in serenity and following certain methods.

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Renewable energy and water recycling

C.D.C. has chosen to invest in Green technology for the feeding of its own production and management headquarters. The aim is to minimise the environmental impact of the site and achieve energy independence from renewable energy sources. With this in mind, the choice is to equip the production site with a photovoltaic system able to guarantee a large part of the energy needs and to treat with a water purification plant the whole process of recycling the water used for the activity galvanic. With this system today 97% of the water used is recovered and reused, drastically reducing the consumption of one of the most valuable goods on the planet.

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Plastic free

A constant and rigid policy of progressive elimination of plastic led us in 2021 to have 100% of the recyclable material used for packaging and packaging. Scotch and other plastic material used in the packaging and shipping of products has been completely replaced by paper material, recyclable and sustainable. The same process has been applied to consumables – such as glasses and shot glasses for coffee – while all employees have been equipped with an aluminum bottle cage to eliminate even plastic bottles.


These are all our environmental certifications

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

  • Structured approach in setting environmental objectives and identifying the tools needed to achieve them
  • Compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements for the environment.
  • Reduction of costs related to energy consumption, waste management and raw materials

SA 8000:2014 Certification

  • Ethical policies oriented towards respect for social rights throughout the production chain.
  • Maximum attention to the safety of workers

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

  • Focus on the customer
  • Leadership
  • Involving people
  • Process Approach
  • System Approach
  • Continuous improvement
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