Production and research for Haute Couture

The cornerstones of our business.
Not only production and finishing of chains but above all product research and quality analysis.

We have structured ourselves to be a complete partner of the Fashion and Luxury Brands. To the production and finishing of chains we have added more specific services that concern research and development, so as to innovate and not only produce, and all the testing phase. With an internal analysis laboratory that deals with standard analysis or based on specific requests of our customers.


Ornamental chains for Haute Couture, produced on the project of the brands or on our design

Our main specialization and the segment that has made us grow and assert over time.
The production of decorative chains in base metals, not precious, made both mechanically and manually. A double production line that allows us to supply large quantities as well as dealing with more complex processes, to be performed by hand. With technologies and machines able to work both micro-shaped and printed components.


A production site of over 2,000 square meters, with two separate lines for industrial and manual processing.


A solid habit to work complex orders, for quantity of pieces and type of processing required.


Total control over production times thanks to the internal management of all work phases.


Latest generation technologies with computerized monitoring of production performance. For a complete traceability of each production phase.

CDC Luxury Lavorazione
CDC Luxury Lavorazione

Electroplating & Finishing

A whole division dedicated to electroplating
and finishes

Our production line is completed with a division dedicated entirely to the galvanization and finishing phase. A development that allows us to follow the entire final processing of the chains, taking care of each type of finish.


An internal office that has been responsible for years of research and development of new models of chains.

Product research and development is one of our hallmarks. Alongside the production we have always been a constant research activity – on materials, shapes, finishes – that can offer new creative ideas to style offices.

The result of this research activity that has lasted for years can be found in an archive of models that today constitute the CDC-signed lines, an archive that is implemented consistently every year.

Product Research

The R&D division is constantly working on the creation of new models, inspired by our historical archive but also by the main trends in sectors other than fashion.

Sustainability as a focus

Every research and development activity looks at the sustainability of materials and processes as a fixed point around which to develop every creative and design idea.


Un laboratorio Interno Dedicato ai test di qualità su catene e finiture. An additional guarantee on the standards offered by our company

The workflow developed in the company provides a constant control on the quality levels of chains and finishes produced. The internal laboratory has been designed to carry out tests both on the chains produced and on the finishes of the accessories.

The laboratory team is responsible for checking with standard tests or specific analyses required by the customer, the parts produced, thus certifying the durability, non-toxicity and resistance of the parts produced.

The choice to dedicate an internal team to laboratory analysis was made to complete a complete production and finishing circuit.
And to ensure that the quality of the chains is always monitored, both during processing and output.
The laboratory operates as a separate division, with specialized figures who carry out all the tests required by our internal protocol and certify durability, strength and material deposits required by the processing.

Our own laboratory tests

All the procedures and tests we can carry out in our internal laboratory

Test of Wet Heat Resistance

Thickness measurement of metal deposits (XRF)

Simulation of Wear with Turbula

Colorimetric coordinate measurement L*,a*,b* for color comparison and tuning

Tensile test with dynamometer

Quantitative analysis of lead and cadmium

Determination of Release of Nickel

Test of resistance to synthetic sweat

Test of resistance to salt water

Adhesion test

CDC Luxury Laboratorio
CDC Luxury Laboratorio


With the concept of development we refer to the constant tension towards innovation. If stylist research looks at the product, the Development division focuses on organizing and controlling workflows.

ACAL 4.0

Innovative processes
production with low environmental impact
of steel and alluminium

ACAL 4.0
Innovative production processes with low environmental impact of steel and aluminium chains
C.D.C. S.R.L. is the leader of the ACAL 4.0 project – Innovative production processes with low environmental impact of steel and aluminium chains co-financed with funds POR-CReO FESR 2014 – 2020 – Bandi RS 2020, Asse 1, Azione 1.1.5 – Sub-azione a1 – Bando 2MPMI research and development projects”.

The ACAL 4.0 project aims to carry out innovative research of direct impact in the “fashion jewelry & fashion accessory” sector. The pool of companies involved, C.D.C. S.R.L., Valmet Plating S.R.L., STIL-MEC S.R.L., in the interaction with the world of industry research, represented here by the Laboratory of Applied Electrochemistry of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence, aims to address and solve the problems, first of all technological, that today make it difficult to make available materials alternative to precious metals with more efficient processes in an intelligent factory. The project aims to develop valid and eco-friendly technological solutions that overcome the problems related to the finishing of aluminium and steel alloys, in line with the transformations required by luxury brands, focusing on the Research and Innovation Strategy, in line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Tuscany Region. The completeness and complementarity of the partnership is an integral part of the objective of meeting the Industry 4.0 criteria for the Project.

Total project cost: 1.463.545,10 €
Total assistance granted: 611.723,32 €

20–22 FEBRUARY 2024

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