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The collaboration between @leatherluxurymag and the students of @polimodafirenze continues and is strengthened, with the collaboration of companies in the sector, including us at @cdcluxury ! We continue with enthusiasm to participate in these projects and invest in the institutes and the territory, so that the collaboration between all these parties, designers – fashion production chain – institutes and us, is increasingly stimulating and constructive. October saw the birth of a new project called .BE YOUR FABRIC, conceived by Leather&Luxury and @bellandigroup The contest is aimed at final year Fashion Design management students, therefore close to graduation and the fashion show in June. The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to stimulate the burgeoning creativity of the new generations and, on the other, to support future designers in the production processes up to the execution of the prototype, which will be carried out by them. #polimodafirenze #fashiondesign #beyourfabric #contest #fashionindustry #madeinitaly #tuscany

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Honestly, we find it absurd that in 2022 we still have to talk about, emphasise, the fact that “we are all equal” and that “we all have the same rights to freedom of expression”. To set oneself up as a judge of how people should live is something that is not only obsolete, but also enters, for no reason, into the private lives of everyone. Some will say that one should be free to think what one wants, of course ! But that must apply to everyone. Freedom is not a value that belongs only to a few, it belongs to everyone. CDC stands for freedom , without reservation . #pridemonth #expressypurselfdontrepressyourself #weareallhuman #pride #freedom

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30 anni di #valmet ! Grazie per questa splendida giornata insieme , e per aver condiviso con tutti noi la vostra visione su un futuro che parla di #sostenibilita soprattutto come opportunità per noi e per il nostro Pianeta , e non solo come mezzo di marketing . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 30 years of #valmet ! Thank you for this wonderful day together, and for sharing with all of us your vision of a future that speaks of #sustainability above all as an opportunity for us and for our Planet, and not just as a marketing tool. #valmet #madeforchange #greenthinking #enelx #suatainablefashion #universityofflorence #cdcluxury #tuscany #madeinitaly #fashiondesign #fashionshow #recycled

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