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Paris is always a good idea

There are special places that resist the passing of time and all the changes, despite still changing over time. They are iconic places, that represent and evoke much more than they actually are, which go beyond their architectural, historical and geographical peculiarities to become something even greater. Paris is one of those places, an icon of icons. Paris is art, music, culture, literature, Bohemian life, Rive Gauche, fashion and much more besides. Which is why we have dedicated an entire article to Paris, not because there weren’t any around already, but because the City of Light represents a lot for us too, in both creative and commercial terms.

Paris, its atmosphere, its architecture and everything it evokes are among the most vivid sources of inspiration for our R&D office but, at the same time, Paris is also home to some of the most iconic fashion brands that have dictated the trends of the last decades. Inspiration, magic and business all enclosed in a city that represents more than a model for us. Over time, its colours and forms have given rise to ideas for shapes and shades which have found their way into our collections. From the looks of its most famous women – Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Eva Green, Isabelle Huppert – ideas and quotes were born that have fuelled, and continue to fuel, our research. The view over the zinc-coloured roofs of the city is often synonymous with daydreaming, the desire to imagine something more than reality.

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