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Lorenzo Brinati: the strength of matter

Lorenzo Brinati is a multidisciplinary artist who works with natural materials and exalts their value by bringing out their purest essence. Lorenzo is a multifaceted artist who tackles both sculpture and painting, always allowing himself to be inspired by the material. Growing up among the tenements and shops of the Oltrarno district of Florence, he was able to experience the last vestiges of Renaissance Florence. In this environment, rich in history and culture, at the age of fourteen Brinati began to sculpt copies of Modigliani’s heads from stones picked up in the road. Now he works both in Florence and in the Tuscan countryside.

As a sculptor, his style derives from an attention to nature and harmony and rhythm in the architecture of his home while still looking east, drawing inspiration from his travels as a sailor in Greece and Turkey. To all this he adds a natural inclination to investigate the link between music and matter, between sound and dimension, ensuring that each work is pure, delicate, almost silently suspended in the space in which it is placed. Similarly, the works in three dimensions (the sculptures) evoke suggestive worlds and emotional states through the subtraction and cleaning of surfaces.


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