CDC Luxury green thinking landscape

A journey into our chains (and our history)

We wanted to create a space reserved for our history and a substantial (albeit not complete) part of our production. A sort of decorative chain showroom that illustrates what we have done and how we have evolved, in terms of products, over all these years in business. This is why we use this space in a very operational way, allowing designers and customers to observe and touch each model with their own hands during our project briefs or production meetings. For us, the change in shapes, materials and finishes over time tells the history of fashion, its evolution and the influences of trends and styles. Being immersed in all of this sparks creativity, making it possible to cultivate ideas with real shapes and accessories, to be touched and compared.

Our new collections are also conceived in this space, often through the study and reinterpretation of old models, finishes or trends. A creative workshop is therefore the best way to learn about our company’s path and the work of our Research and Development division. Some could see it as an unnecessary space for a company that deals primarily with production, but for us it is the beating heart of the company and highlights our very own special approach to the market and our way of being manufacturers; that’s why we are so proud of it and why we really want every meeting and every brief to take place in this area, the best place for immersing oneself in our world and the CDC Luxury Chains identity.

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