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Lineapelle edition 2022
The protagonist is the chain

Lineapelle has reached its 100th edition. It is an international exhibition of leathers, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models, and has just ended a few days ago in Milan.
CDC took part in it , like every year, and took the opportunity to present the latest collections and at the same time draw inspiration, present new ideas and trends of the moment.

This participation gave rise to new contacts and important interactions for our company but above all it turned out to be a valid “thermometer” to measure which of our products are most loved. In this regard, we have noticed a particular interest in oversized chains, better known as “chunky”, a model that in recent times has become increasingly popular, both as a finishing function for bags, and as a fashion accessory to be customized in design, and galvanic finishes.



We have found that gold always has its charm and for this reason we can define it as “iconic”, alongside it the hammered textures, the iridescent paints that create reflections and original color games and the pearly effect too.



Whatever its characteristic, size and finish, the chain is increasingly establishing itself in the fashion scene as a completely autonomous accessory capable, of completing outfits and looks of all kinds, from the most casual to the most elegant style.


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