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Mediterranean colour and inspirations

Decorative chains automatically make one think of metal. And yet, although their identity is undoubtedly linked to the metals they are made from, the finishes of a chain can almost always be infinite. For example, coloured with palettes inspired by the most unthinkable atmospheres which lead designers (and the people who will wear the chains) to associate them with ideas, sensations and places linked to their imagination. The Mediterranean has been an endless source of inspiration for us, because it often recalls warm and vital tones capable of adding a strong sense of vivacity to each model.


There are the colours of the sea surrounding the Cyclades or Sardinia, which create a background, as well as the neutral colours of sand or clouds. These shades gave rise to a series of models with soft and enveloping shapes, enriched with the most classic colours of the Mediterranean and which are perfect for elegant summer accessories that are in some ways reminiscent of the Sixties. . But the Mediterranean is also a place of light and colourful sunsets, sometimes gaudy, like the ones that can be admired from the west coast of the islands of Ortigia or Santorini. From those bursts of pink, red or purplish light, more garish and almost disco finishes were born (that’s right, like a party on the Barceloneta).


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