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Edoardo Ceri: wine as the essence of a territory and of life

The story of Edoardo Ceri is first and foremost a story of passion, one of those overwhelming ones that you do not choose but which, on the contrary, steers your choices. First he fell in love with a piece of land, in an extraordinary position, in the Carmignano hills near Prato. He began, almost as a hobby or maybe as a challenge, to redevelop this piece of land with the idea ofproducing a wine of quality and, more importantly, with a strong identity, capable of expressing the characteristics of the land. “The proximity of Montalbano which mitigates the night and facing the Apennines, which brings us a cool breeze in Summer creates an ideal microclimate to best express the natural fertility of this land,” says Edoardo Ceri.

These are the premises of what the French would call terroir, to which Edoardo decided to add his passion and desire to create something special. . To do this, he soon realized that he needed method, technique and some training from those who have always known the land. Thus his passion became a real job: farmer and winemaker. He decided to protect the biodiversity as much as possible, to make the organic process an authentic trademark as opposed to just a marketing tool. In other words, he invested in protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of that segment of land that had attracted him so much; he decided to plant fruit trees around the vineyards, ban all types of chemical products and rely solely upon nature.

“It is the seasons that dictate our times and those of the vines; we can do nothing other than accompany this evolution without interfering,” concludes Edoardo. “It is the only sincere way to render the best of a specific territory, to make wines that have something to say and are not just a pleasure for the palate.” No conformism, therefore, just pure authenticity. This is the key phrase for all the activities of the Ceri family who, on these bases, founded the Tenuta Ceri, a winery that looks to tradition without distorting it, enhancing it without tarnishing it.

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